RP No Fee Kick-off Concert

Presented by   This “No Fee” Free Concert will kick off the Orlando Chili Cook-off weekend on Friday March 6th, 2015 Gates Open 6pm Live Bands will play from 6:30-10pm MUST REGISTER FOR YOUR FREE TICKET AT: WWW.RPNOFEECONCERT.COM   Available for purchase: Beer Wine Vodka Cocktails Soda Water Food and […]

CASI Official Rules

CASI Contest- (Chili Grind Only): The 6th Annual RP Funding Orlando Chili Cook-off is the CASI National Open Champion! The top 3 Casi cooks will automatically qualify for the Terlingua International Chili Championship in Terlingua, Texas. Chili Appreciation Society International has the following rules for this event: A. CHILI COOKED […]


1430 Lake Baldwin Lane Suite A Orlando, FL 32814 407-777-8309 (office) 407-228-1935 (fax)   Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s) Got questions about the RP Funding Orlando Chili Cook-off event? You’re in the right spot, below are some of our most frequently asked questions – if you still have a question, please […]

Event Tickets

  Enjoy chili samples, beer and wine, live bands, the World Chili Eating Challenge, Kid’s Zone,  Paparazzi Zone, raffle items, and Sponsor’s promotions while supporting Special Olympics Florida.   2015 Sponsors:  

Event Sponsors

Want to be in front of 13k – 15k attendees? Find out how…


Keep the chili flowing and the music going — Find out who will be spicing up the stage on March 7th, 2015!

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