4th Annual Chili Cook-Off Judges To Be Announced Soon

The 4th Annual Orlando Chili Cook-off on February 9, 2013 will play host to thousands of chili heads and local celebrities alike. Some will even be serving on our judges’ panel, which will be announced soon! Here’s who judged in 2012:

    • Bo Outlaw (former Orlando Magic player)
    • Chris Kirkpatrick (‘N Sync)
    • Robert F. Stuart (Commissioner, City of Orlando, District 3)
    • Scott Maxwell (Orlando Sentinel columnist)
    • Dick Larsen (Founder/President-Nature’s Table)
    • Curtis Earth (Earth Trivia)
    • Marci Arthur (Owner, Truffles & Trifles)
    • Brian Wilson (Central Florida Top 5)
    • Amie Dugan (Director of Marketing-Special Olympics)
    • Pam Brandon (Cookbook Author)
    • Graciel Noreiga-Jacoby (Chief of Staff to Mayor Jacobs)
    • Jessica Rivera (Aide to Commissioner John Martinez)
    • Elizabeth McAffee (Chef Instructor-Le Cordon Bleu)
    • Jimmy Wessman (Chef Instructor-Le Cordon Bleu)
    • Isaac Babcock (Observer Newspapers)
    • Stephanie Hagin (Chef-Le Cordon Bleu)
    • Angie Ugarte (Le Cordon Bleu)
    • Rick Stacy (Program Director and Morning Show Host, 105.9 Sunny FM)
    • Eric Hipol (Chef-Gaylord Palms)
    • Ingrid Fermin (RP Funding)
    • Kareen Linton (Le Cordon Bleu)



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